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Main events in Umbria

Feast of St. Rita of Cascia, Celebrations of St Rita

Celebrations of St Rita, Feast of St. Rita of Cascia - Every year 12 to 22 May

Feast of the Candles and Candle Race

May 15th is a date marked in red on the calendar of every Gubbio. It is the day of the religious festival of Gubbio (PG).

Bridge May 1 Umbria

On May 1, Labour Day or Labor Day, is a celebration shared by many countries and born as a celebration of achievements by workers through the exercise of their rights.

Cantamaggio Ternano

The Cantamaggio is a festival celebrating the return of spring and the awakening of nature from the winter sleep; the origins of the manifestation seems to bring back to pagan and tribal rites linked to countryside practices that intended to celebrate the return of the good season and in a certain way to thank the divinities for favorable summer harvest.

April 25th bridge Umbria

April 25, Anniversary of the Liberation of Italy also known as Liberation Day, is a celebration with a strong cultural and political connotation but is also one of the first days of spring holidays where you can often take advantage for a short break or a day trip.

Easter in Umbria

In a land that is synonymous with spirituality and ancient traditions, where the Easter rites are celebrated with intensity and participation, live Easter in Umbria is an unforgettable experience!

The flower festival in Spello

Spello (PG) every year, on the occasion of the Corpus Christi procession, hosts Infiorate Spello which, as the name indicates, are flower arrangements made by real artists, represented figurations and ornamental motifs liturgical.

The Feast of Corpus Domini in Orvieto

As every year on the Feast of Corpus Christi (the Body of Christ, the second Sunday after Pentecost, 9a after Easter, ed), Orvieto relives the solemnity of the ceremony, whether religious or purely folk. A "Menara dances" is the Procession of the Ladies, the Saturday afternoon before, about 16:30, that proposes a cross-section of imaginary medieval life: the nobles of the territories subject, arrived in town to march in the parade, they were followed by several ladies and courtiers.

Bridge on June 2 Umbria

After the holidayes on 25 April and 1 May the 2th June in Umbria concludes the cycle of spring breaks and doing anteroom for the summer holidays. Usually at this time of the proximity of the summer is felt giving warm temperatures and sunny days are ideal for those who want to spend a few days away from home.